Longcraig @ 50

Longcraig was 50 years old in 2019. To mark this occasion we held a number of celebratory activities

Here are the highlights of what we did into mark the occasion

50 Years @ Longcraig

Following on from our 50th Anniversary year in 2019 we have set up a website 50 Years@LSC which hosts a collection of photographs taken at Longcraig over the last 50 Years. Find it at http://50years.longcraig.info

Commemorative Badges

As part of our Fifty Anniversary celebration Longcraig is giving every participant a commemorative badge. These badges will be handed out to group leaders at the end of each booking and will be sent to those who have already attended during 2019.

Book of Memories

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Longcraig Scout Centre operating at Longcraig Pier. We would like to mark this occasion by compiling what we are calling a Book of Memories, although it may be display boards, a website or a presentation, that's still to be decided. To do this we need some help.

Have you ever made use of the services or the equipment at Longcraig? If so, do you have a story to tell? We are compiling a book of tales and memoirs, so all contributions are welcome. Especially from the early years (there’s not so many of these folks still about!) but just as important, things from more recent years. Were you at the opening ceremony for the Centre in 1969? Or the ‘new Building’ in 1998? – we’d love to hear from you. Is your family a second or third generation Longcraig participant? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Did you achieve a badge, award, or certificate? – we’d love to hear from you! Have you got any memorable photos? – we’d love to hear from you!

Please send all your tales, memories and photos to remember@longcraig.info

Oldest Photo Competition

As part of Longcraig 2019 we are running a competition to find the oldest photo. To participate please submit a photo clearly showing Longcraig buildings, Longcraig equipment or a Longcraig staff member participating in water activities. The oldest photo submitted in the opinion of the judges wins a small prise. Photos must be JPG, no larger than 4M and should be emailed to pics@longcraig.info . Include information about the pic that will help the judges identify the subject of your photo. Submitted photos may be used in Longcraig 2019 marketing material.

District Events

Each of the 7 Districts in the Region has been offered the opportunity of a special water themed event to be run at a venue of their choice

The current planned events are;

  • Borders - 1 to 2 June @ St Marys Loch
  • North East - 15 to 16 June @ Longcraig
  • Craigalmond - 24 to 25 August @ Longcraig
  • East Lothian - 8 September @ Longcraig
  • Midlothian - 14 to 15 September @ Longcraig

These events will be organised by the respective Region with Longcraig providing the water activities.